About Near Misses

Injury Prevention Model – Heinrich’s Theory

  • Recording Near Misses enables us to predict minor injuries and fatalities.
  • Reporting Near Misses empowers us to prevent future injuries by encouraging safety inspection of problematic zones
  • Reducing the number of predictable injuries promotes a healthier Public Right of Way

In a study of workplace injuries, researchers analyzed 1,753,498 accident reports from 297 companies representing 21 different industrial groups and employing 1,750,000 employees for at total of 3 billion hours in aggregate. For every reported major injury (resulting in fatality, disability, lost time or medical treatment), there were 9.8 reported minor injuries (requiring only first aid). For the 95 companies that further analyzed major injuries in their reporting, the ratio was one lost time injury per 15 medical treatment injuries. Forty-seven percent of the companies indicated that they investigated all property damage accidents and eighty-four percent stated that they investigated major property damage accidents. The final analysis indicated that 30.2 property damage accidents were reported for each major injury.